Maid & Butler Service in Virginia Beach, Virginia

For cleaning at its best, choose CID Janitorial Services, offering professional residential maid and butler service in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area. We provide individualized custom cleaning plans for all households, big or small.
Our complete janitorial cleaning services are tailored to your needs, including both general and specific cleaning tasks. Tasks we offer include:

Quality Maids & Butlers

If you find yourself on the go, call us for maid and butler service. All of our cleaning services are focused on delivering quality work. We evaluate your needs and examine the frequency of cleaning requested.

Versatility in Cleaning

Our maids and butlers are very versatile, able to keep up with all your cleaning needs. We clean for residences with pets of all sizes and types and have the experience required to clean these residences. Our services include:
• Cleaning Appliances & Stoves
• Refrigerator Clean-Outs (If Requested)
• Disinfecting Toilets, Showers, Tubs, & Sinks
• Cleaning Baseboards
• Cleaning Ceiling Fans
• Vacuuming Floors

Specific Cleaning Products

When selecting cleaning products, we make sure they are specific to you, taking any allergies or special needs into consideration. That's just one of the ways we offer cleaning at its best. We believe in this and practice it fully, from the owners down through to our employees.
Person Cleaning the Windows, Maid & Butler Service in Virginia Beach, VA
Contact us in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to request a service from our maid and butler service company.