William E. Daniels
President / Owner

About Us

CID Janitorial Services is a locally owned and operated company offering cleaning services in and around Virginia Beach, Virginia. We provide outstanding service to all of the Hampton Roads area and beyond. We have the experience and knowledge needed to provide the best possible work. Our goal is to keep a good flow of communication between us, our clients, and our employees as we work together towards cleanliness.

Capabilities and Skills

CID has over 20 years of experience in the janitorial industry. CID prides itself in providing excellent customer service to each of our clients.  We have maintained our customer retention by providing a few basic concepts in this industry, which has been the cornerstone to our success in the business.

CID Janitorial
  1. Hire and train competent and qualified employees with competitive pay to ensure the highest level of customer service and retention.
  2. All potential employees undergo and successfully pass a criminal background check.
  3. All employees have, and maintain a valid drives license.
  4. Employees are trained at their assigned location, and shadowed with a supervisor to ensure accuracy.
  5. All cleaning team members attend monthly mandatory employee meetings where they are updated on the company vision, safety and compliance, and employee recognition.

We are a locally owned small business company in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  CID believes in building a relationship with its clients and maintaining that relationship with a high level of integrity and excellent customer service. In doing that our management team is available 24/7 to address your needs and handle any concerns.   Our company was established in the Hampton Roads area and will continue to grow and serve the seven cities., and beyond. Our motto is “cleaning at its best” which has proven to give us a competitive edge over the competition.  We are a well rounded company certified to provide estimates in several lines of business including commercial office and home general janitorial cleaning, specialty services including, COVID-19 mist disinfectant spraying and cleaning, day porter service, floor care, stripping and waxing, emergency cleanups, carpet, window care, move in and move out cleaning, medical facility cleaning including bio chemical spills, and construction cleanup- post construction.

CID Janitorial


CID Janitorial is a complete janitorial service company with 20 years of experience. CID has been certified as SBA, SWAM, and DBE certified company. CID has served the Hampton Roads area over twenty years. During that time frame CID has serviced government agencies, private facilities, medical facilities, commercial, and residential homes. We have also performed bio clean ups, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, vacant unit cleaning for commercial and residence, window cleaning, new construction clean ups, and floor care. CID has worked with national facility maintenance. CID strives for "Cleaning at its Best" at each location.

JC has also served the following clients in like, or similar janitorial service:
  • Hampton Roads Planning District
  • Southeastern Public Service Authority
  • America's Auto Auction
  • East Beach LLC 
  • CDSI(Langley Air Force Base)
  • Villas Sales Center
  • Way TV 10 in Portsmouth VA.
  • Kerma Medical Products

Company Structure

Below are key personnel, along with Job Title and description of each position.

William E. Daniels- President/owner   William Daniels brings over 30 years experience in janitorial service industry. His knowledge in Green cleaning and L.E.E.D building credits and certification has given him a wide knowledge in environmental safe clean buildings, experienced trainer and qualified in human resource, payroll and budgeting, employing and terminating as needed according to the EOC local and state guidelines.  “My goal is to satisfy all our client’s needs and provide “Cleaning at its best.”

CID Janitorial

Payroll Department- ADP is a worldwide payroll and human resource company founded in 1949 by Henry Taub. ADP handles our payroll and human resource needs.

Friedman, Framme & Thrush is among the largest law forms in Maryland with law offices in District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia. Friedman, Framme & Thrush advise Janitorial Consulting, LLC on legal and contract matters.

Site Supervisors– As a working supervisor he/she will ensure all duties are being met on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis as required in the specification listed for that designated location. Continue train is the key to ensuring our supervisors are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and the latest methods of sustaining a safe, healthy and clean environmental building. We achieve that through online resources and training courses that relate to the janitorial industry, green cleaning, COVID-19 updates, and state and local laws. In return our supervisor check and ensure our building our professionally clean, while training, following up and assisting employees on duties as needed.

Lead Janitorial Technician- will work as an assistant with the Supervisor to ensure all job task are completed by the employees and can step in as supervisor if needed. He/she receive continue train and assist in weekly or monthly employee meetings

Janitorial Technicians- will perform the daily duties for their assigned location according to the specifications and frequencies listed in the proposal. Continue train, following up, and meeting update of policy changes and procedures give our employees a clear simple path of what is` expected at each location.

Monthly Team Meeting with CID Staff

We provide ongoing educational training for a staff while providing resource opportunities from legal services and life insurance. This is a meeting with some guest speakers.


CID Janitorial
CID Janitorial

This is a picture of our monthly meeting. Jason William received the employee of the month certificate.

Jason is no longer with us he passed last year in August. He was an outstanding, friend, and employee.

The CID family will be forever grateful for your commitment and service.

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